Alucobond Cladding

When it comes to Alucobond cladding, DK Homes gives you the best installation with value for money. We have the capacity to work both in Ghana and beyond. Alucobond, a premium brand of Aluminium Composite Material has a wide range of surface finishes. Alucobond is designed and developed as a stable yet flexible wall cladding material for all architectural projects.

Alucobond offers you design flexibility and simple installation. Alucobond Fixed Cassette System is ideal for use in both the construction of new buildings, and the re-design of existing structures, large or small. These panels have been used in architectural and for corporate identity programmes, particularly for façades, walls and roof cladding.

We have them in large variety of colours, surfaces and formats as well as in various core variations such as a fire-retardant and a non-combustible version