DK Homes is setting a new standard for quality and service in both the commercial and residential sectors in the construction industry in Ghana.

Commercial Construction
We offer a comprehensive commercial construction package that includes everything from architectural drawings and consulting, site planning, and grading to construction, interior design, landscape architecture, utilities design, paving design, geotechnical and engineering analysis, and more.

At DK Homes we have an outstanding assemblage of professionals who work on commercial construction projects of all sizes including but not limited to

Corporate offices
Educational Centres
Hospitality Centres
Medical Centres
Banking Halls
Residential Appartments
Shopping Malls
Sports Arena
Manufacturing Sites
Parking Lots

And more…

Residential Construction
DK Homes residential construction focuses on building and remodelling of estate homes, pre-owned homes, apartments, hostels, etc in Ghana. Our residential building and remodelling services cover the entire spectrum from small remodelling projects to custom homes. We work with homeowners and developers to design and build luxurious villas and estate homes in the finest communities throughout the country and beyond.

Full Package Construction
DK Homes is privileged in managing your entire projects be it commercial, residential or remodelling construction jobs right from conception to completion.